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Our Regulars & Success Stories

Jennifer and Biskit:

One of our long time regulars is Jennifer Rogge. Jennifer is the owner of Jennifer’s Full Service Pet Care, and is amazing at what she does.
Currently Jennifer is a caretaker for a wonderful lab named Biskit. Biskit was knocking on deaths door about a year ago. He was having a hard time standing, unable to walk and was having difficulty with all aspects of life. With Jennifer’s dedication and Dr Lindsey medical knowledge, Biskit is alive and well today. In combination of weekly injections and physical therapy Biskit is looking better than ever and is excited to be alive! Pictured is Biskit and his new little brother Leo, who we are looking forward to getting to know as he grows!
If you are in need of Pet Care check out Jennifer’s site and reviews. She is one of the best and we are excited to help her grow her business.


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Merlin came to Lindsey Vet Care a few months ago. He was ironically part of the Great Pyrenees Rescue, despite the face that he is not at all a Great Pyrenees. A while back, Merlin (Formal known as Grasshopper) was attacked by another dog, although healed now, the attack left Merlin with some seriously painful issues with his bowls. Several people felt that he would never be able to live a normal life or go to the bathroom without being in pain. However, the staff at Lindsey Vet Care stepped up and decided to do everything in our power to help Merlin. Ashley our Assistant is now the forever foster of Merlin, who for months came to the clinic everyday for a clean out and treatment. With the use of daily medications we have slowly been able to wean Merlin off his daily clean out and he now regularly is able to go the bathroom without crying out in pain.
Everyday that we see Merlin now, he is happier and carefree. It is such a wonderful site to see!