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We are in need of a TEMPORARY FOSTER for this lovely lady! See her information in the comments: 
Her loving and caring owner is leaving town for 4 months to work of a fishing boat! This is temporary foster situation and he will be returning for as soon as he sets foot on dry land. 
If you could please consider sharing this post, tagging friends who might be able to help, or can foster her yourself, please reach out to us! 
LVC will cover all her vet needs and food will be provided. 
All she needs is a loving roof over her head and faces to lick!

Please contact the office if you are interested: 858-459-1516

A note from Nala's Owner:

Nala is like my child and it breaks my heart to leave her for four months!
I adopted her from a shelter in Santa Rosa over two years ago. They guessed she was two (I think that was a high guess).
She was found incredibly emaciated, and pregnant. An emergency C-section saved her life, and left her with a scar on her belly. She had a rough life before I found her!
She is a Catahoula X Staffordshire terrier mix. Approximately 4 years old, perhaps a little younger. She is Intelligent, obedient, sensitive, athletic, and eager to please.
She thrives on positive reinforcement; she literally shuts down if you yell at her. She will flinch if you raise your hand too fast at her. Hence, why I say she had it rough before I found her. I've put a lot of work into building her confidence and shaping her into a happy dog. 
She gets excited to go on walks (she is vocal and will talk with you) and is strong, so she needs a good leader to walk her. 
After that she is excellent on walks, I use a couple fingers to control her plus vocal commands "let's go" "with me" "hold on" "wait". 
She gets along with most dogs, but not all. Some dogs just don't want anything to do with her, yet she currently lives alongside a 15lb Jack Russell, and they play WELL together. Nala's favorite play style is enticing chase with a toy, and tug of war. She is not aggressively possessive, but is very persistent and can be overly pushy at times. She is very patient, has never been in a fight (and never had the chance to).
Ideal situation would be a decent sized yard, the bigger the better. She is kennel trained and minds well. She will catch gophers and moles, and she loves to chase birds. She gets excited (and will become vocal) around cats and wants to play! With controlled introductions she learns to get along and be gentle. "Leave it" is a well known command, she will even leave food she finds while on walks.
She is a Kisser! She will lick your arms, legs, feet... she loves to love you back. At least she isn't slobbery!
Look how gorgeous she is! It's hard to go around in public without people staring and asking what she is.
She is a big goofball, very expressive, and very loving. Very very sweet dog. She still barks at new people, but will be best friends within minutes once a hello is said! She does get excited and want to jump, so that is still being reinforced. She is very gentle and sensitive to children, but small children could get bumped if she is excited. "Easy" is how I get her to calm down. 
Food sensitivities include grain and salmon. I've fed taste of the wild bison/venison formula for the best results. Fed twice a day


Looking to adopt? Check out these awesome rescues with whom we work closely with.

Scratch My Belly:


Founded in 2013 by Frederica Ginsberg, Scratch My Belly focuses on rescuing animals on their last days at high kill shelters in Southern California as well as rescuing dogs from the streets of Mexico.  They are an excellent rescue to work with both professionally and if you are looking to add a loving addition to your family.

Below is contact information for Scratch My Belly, reach out if you are interested in adoptions, donations or have any questions at all!


P.O.Box 3879
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
Phone 858-344-2423


The Barking Lot:

Founded in 2010, The Barking Lot is run completely on donations and run by volunteers. Their focus is on dogs that have been abandoned and dogs scheduled for euthanasia at Southern California Shelters. With dogs ranging from puppy to senior you are sure to find a wonderful addition to your family. Check out their website for further information. And remember, if you adopt from The Barking Lot, your first wellness exam at Lindsey Vet Care is FREE of charge!

Below is the contact information for The Barking Lot. Take a look around if you are interested in adopting a new awesome dog or puppy for your family.


486Raleigh Ave
El Cajon, Ca 92020 (Viewings Available by appointment only)
Phone: 619-354-4825



Frosted Faces Foundation:

Frosted Faces has a unique approach to rescue. They are dedicated to rescuing senior dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized at shelters around Southern California. Their mission is to ensure they can provide a loving and caring home for dogs in their final days. Although you cannot adopt from Frosted Faces in the traditional sense, you can apply to be a “forever foster”. All seniors are vetted and funded prior to them being sprung from the shelter and their vet bills and end of life care is completely covered for by the foundation.

If you are interested in helping rescue a senior dog, being a forever family or a forever fan, check out their website and links below.


864 Grand Avenue Mailbox #333
San Diego, Ca 92109
Phone: 715-574-6320